About John Savage...

john savage

Hi, my name is John Savage, I'm the artist who's work you're hopefully enjoying and I'd like to welcome you to the site and tell you a little something about myself.
I began drawing, some would say scribbling when I was very young and have continued on and off, depending on circumstances ever since. My past work has always been in pen and pencil and only recently have I  taken to paint. I find both styles relaxing and enjoyable (apart from the occasional artistic tantrum when things don't quite go as intended and have to be redrawn.) and I'm happy with the finished work that I've produced so far.

I paint bikes and bikers because it's a subject I've always been passionate about. I remember walking into my local library when I would be about ten and they had a five bike display on, Laverda 3C, Guzzi S3, Norton Commando etc and I was just blown away. Who says libraries aren't worthwhile!

In regards the racing I've been following that since I first went to Olivers Mount and saw Crosby on the infamous Moriwaki. Anybody who wasn't moved by 'watching the 'Croz' wrestle that animal flat out while on the back wheel down what Olivers used to laughingly called a straight must be mentally and emotionally brain dead. Needless to say I was hooked. I've ridden all my life (currently a modified 7/11 slabbie) but have never raced. Though over the years I have gained an appreciation of the skill, passion and dedication of those that do and this, I hope is reflected in my art.

I paint using acrylic paint for the majority of the work and then finish with Indian ink for some of the finer detailing, such as sponsors logos on the leathers and helmets, The  paintings are taken from high resolution photos. Obviously the better quality photo the more detail and accuracy can be added to the painting. As the saying goes the devil is in the detail. Once the painting is finished the whole thing is taken to the printers where it can be scanned and made ready for printing, either onto high quality paper or canvas dependent upon your preferences.

If anyone is interested in more detail then please get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss the stages I go through to reach the finished article.

You can reach me either through the contact page or email me at jsavage04@aol.com.

Cheers and talk soon.


John S